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Breast Re-Augmentation 

Correct the Problems that Affect your Breast Satisfaction

Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the leading cosmetic procedures for several years running. Due to the commonality of breast enhancement with implants, it is easy to see why many people, including some surgeons, may view this procedure as simplistic in nature. In actuality, breast augmentation calls for conscientious surgical technique and the mindful attention to intricate details. If these are overlooked, the final outcome may, at some point, feel unsatisfying.

There are several common reasons that a woman may choose to enhance her breasts with implants. The role of the plastic surgeon is not to guide her decisions relating to size, shape, incisions, or any aspect of the process, but to listen to the desired outcome, and to provide the necessary information that will enable each patient to make the decisions that will facilitate her goals. The performance of a thorough consultation for breast augmentation is critical to  minimizing the potential for revisionary surgery later on. Patients of Dr. Barnett can expect this level of consideration throughout their body-enhancing journey.

Why Breast Re-Augmentation may be Necessary

Just as there are numerous factors that lead a patient to seek breast augmentation, revisionary procedures may be desired for any number of reasons. Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure. Outcomes vary and dissatisfaction with results can be immediate or developed over time. Due to the increasing numbers of women with enhanced breasts, the number of patients requiring revision surgery has also risen. Breast revision surgery can correct undesirable results or modify outcomes that were once acceptable but now seem inadequate.

Common concerns that are addressed with re-augmentation include rippling or firmness that is affecting the natural look and feel of the breasts. Asymmetry in breast pockets may cause an imbalance in the positioning of the breasts, or the position may simply have changed due to the effects of gravity, weight, and other factors. The common thread among breast revision patients is the feeling that the breasts just don’t look right.

How Revisionary Surgery is Performed

The approach to breast re-augmentation is unique to each situation. It is not always as simple as removing existing implants and placing new fixtures into the same pocket. In some instances, an entirely new pocket must be created, which may involve modifying a certain amount of capsular tissue. Experienced surgeons like Dr. Barnett understand the intricacies of implant surgery, and are mindful to ensure proper integration of the new implant into surrounding tissue so implants are adequately stabilized and capsular contracture is minimal.

Re-Augmentation vs. Mastopexy

There is a common misconception regarding the best way to address the issue of sagging, drooping breasts. The drop in breast tissue may occur even in the patient who has had breast augmentation surgery as a result of motherhood, breastfeeding, age and gravity, or weight loss. Breast augmentation and mastopexy address two very different concerns. Mastopexy is the breast lift procedure, and its purpose is to reposition breast tissue higher on the chest wall. The size and shape of breasts do not change. Breast augmentation, on the other hand, enhances size and shape, but not necessarily positioning. When re-augmentation is sought, it is important to address the right problem with the right procedure. In some cases, the two techniques are combined to achieve the desired result.

Revisionary surgery is never simple. Dr. Barnett spends a great deal of time evaluating the unique problem of each patient and devising the appropriate surgical protocol to achieve maximum benefit.

What to Expect

Understandably, discomfort and down time are two aspects of surgery that may concern you. Generally, revisionary surgery is much less uncomfortable than the initial augmentation procedure. This is because there is much less alteration of muscle structure, and less trauma to breast tissue, vessels, and nerves. Depending on the extent of pocket reconstruction, patients may experience localized pain. Comfort is important to the recovery process, and we are happy to discuss pain-relieving technique to manage post-operative complaints. The most common side effect of breast re-augmentation is tightness and swelling, neither of which should keep you from your normal activities.

The simple science of breast augmentation isn’t so simple. Call to schedule your breast re-augmentation consultation with Dr. Barnett today. Alpine Plastic Surgery serves patients from the Salt Lake City and Ogden areas. Contact us at  (801) 876-1268. You can also read more about breast re-augmentation and our other offered services on Alpine Plastic Surgery’s blog!